Woodlands Management Course 

Woodlands Management Course: A Guide to Improving Our Forests 
In 2009, the Foundation released the book Woodlands Management Course, Essential reading for new or long-time landowners who do not have an extensive background in forestry, this practical, concise book provides an introduction to the many aspects of owning forestland.

The book educates landowners on options for managing their forests, the benefits and costs of forest management, how to organize activities to meet their objectives, and finding professional foresters to manage their chosen activities.

Philip Hardin, Editor, noted, “No matter what the condition of your forests, they will be improved by applying the knowledge in this book. As one of the landowner reviewers commented, ‘this book has the information for managing my forests that I have been trying to collect over the last 15 years.’ ”

The goal of the Woodlands Management Course (WMC) is to provide to those who do not have an extensive background in forestry a thorough understanding of forestry management activities, without requiring an inordinate investment of their time. The WMC provides more information than short articles. It is also more user-friendly than most research papers and text books.
Unit 1 – Forest Management Planning
Unit 2 – Wildlife and Other Forest Uses
Unit 3 – Establishing a Forest
Unit 4 – Intermediate Stand Management for Timber Production
Unit 5 – Marketing timber
Unit 6 – Rights, Politics and Regulations






Forest Landowners Tax Workshop Program

Landowners, accountants, foresters and members of the general public involved in land management benefit every year from this in-depth, day-long course presented in conjunction with the Forest Landowners National Conference of Private Forest Landowners. Attendees learn the latest updates in the IRS tax code, timber tax planning/preparation techniques and much more. The instructor is Dr. Harry L. Haney, Jr., Garland Gray Emeritus Professor of Forestry at Virginia Tech, national renowned timber tax expert and regular contributor to Forest Landowner magazine.











Property and Environment Reserach Center Report

The Forest Landowner Foundation Commissioned the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) to conduct a report on how sustainability certification and renewable biomass mandates threaten nonindustrial private forests.

ABSTRACT: This report evaluates the impact of sustainabillity certification and renewable biomass mandates. The first section provides a background on nonindustrial private forests. Section two outlines the economic drivers of private forest conversion. Sections three and four explain how sustainability certification and the renewable fuel standard could reduce the environmental productivity of nonindustrial private forests by reducing their economic profitability. Section five concludes.

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